Mar 20, 2012

The Letter J

It's been forever since i've popped out to see my friends at ABC Wednesday, who celebrate a new letter each week. i've been through a lot this past year, which has brought me closer to God. Prayer can bring great comfort, especially at the times you feel there's nothing else you can do.

this isn't a religious site (obviously!) but i still want to share what J means to me. : )


i've gotten closer
to simply rest in Jesus
and patiently wait

Mar 6, 2012

Hard Work


 Hard work for aging
eyes to pluck the strands our
unravelling fate

Written for Haiku-Heights and the prompt of "fate." This turned out differently than I thought (a bit more morbid), though I like how it feels to have layers of meaning. Enjoy.

Mar 5, 2012

You Are Just...


You are just like a 
cigarette fun hot to hold
bad for my insides.