Oct 26, 2010

Go Optimistic

An optimistic piece for Haiku-Heights' prompt of that same important quality.

Image: boogiefunk at DeviantArt.com

Go optimistic:
A paper kite in the rain
Can still soar so bright.

Oct 25, 2010

Come Off

Here's a haiku from an image prompt at Room for Romance. Also submitting this to Jingle Poetry's Poetry Potluck: Love and Romance.

Come off of your knees:
Don't you see in my heart I'm
Already your wife?

Oct 21, 2010

effect, immense, shimmer

Image: moyan at DeviantArt.com
Immense the unseen
effect of Attraction's
shimmering quiver.

Written for Three Word Wednesday and the keywords effect, immense, shimmer.

Oct 18, 2010

i see

Here's a double etheree (lines ascending from one to 10 syllables, and then descending from 10 to one) that I wrote for a wonderful prompt at Room for Romance. Also submitting this to Jingle Poetry's Poetry Potluck: Love and Romance.

see the
wind-burned doors
hastily locked
rust; holding away
this strange, soft velvety
thing that can only be love
though you keep it without water
it blossoms, unfurls nonetheless
to hope, perfume and resuscitate you;
That's the stuff of my succinct little dream
i see vulnerable, not rusty
i see hopeful youth and vigor
softness, not wind-hardened;
able, and willing to
be foolish again
grab gift of love
see that i'm

Oct 16, 2010

Serenity Now!

"Serenity now!"
Thundered, willed Frank Costanza:
A feverish peace!

Written for Haiku-Heights and the prompt of "serenity."

Oct 15, 2010

Lips Glossy

Pink-blushed cheeks
Being woman
With the long curly lashes of a doll.
Wordle: random words
Wordle inspiration from Big Tent Poetry, a wonderful place!

I only used two words of from the inspiration this week, but I also tried a new form called the tectractys. Below is an excerpt from The Poetry Wagon, where I learned about this form:

**A tetractys is a complete thought written in 20 syllables.
1st line 1 syllable
2nd line 2
3rd line 3
4th line 4
5th line 10

Thanks Amanda for telling me about The Poetry Wagon and this new-to-me form!

Oct 6, 2010

Tumbling Dreams Subside

Tumbling dreams subside . . .
Awake, my heart, to be loved
Rejoice how precious!

Image: HeartlessKairi at DeviantArt.com

Haiku inspired by: Haiku Heights weekly prompt of Rejoice; Big Tent Poetry's encouragement to borrow a line from another poem; and ABC Wednesday's devotion to the letter "L"--which of course means love.
I came upon Robert Bridges when I looked up the true meaning of delight on dictionary.com. His poem  My Delight and Thy Delight led me soon to another called Awake, My Heart, which I abbreviated for line #2 of my Haiku. I want to thank my friend Tumblewords . . . all day long I turned words over in my mind until I found the perfect starting word: Tumbling!

hint, lust, sheen

Without a hint it
Inexplicably happens:
Lust loses its sheen.

Image: Nylevel at DeviantArt.com

Written for Three Word Wednesday's prompts of hint, lust, sheen.

Oct 5, 2010

There She Goes Again!

Image: natashi at DeviantArt.com

There she goes again!
Pajama-clad afternoon
Where . . . are her real clothes?

Written from a daily prompt at Bamboo Lounge: Write a story about yourself written from your neighbour's perspective. Also going to submit to Jingle's wonderful Thursday Poets Rally!