Oct 6, 2010

Tumbling Dreams Subside

Tumbling dreams subside . . .
Awake, my heart, to be loved
Rejoice how precious!

Image: HeartlessKairi at DeviantArt.com

Haiku inspired by: Haiku Heights weekly prompt of Rejoice; Big Tent Poetry's encouragement to borrow a line from another poem; and ABC Wednesday's devotion to the letter "L"--which of course means love.
I came upon Robert Bridges when I looked up the true meaning of delight on dictionary.com. His poem  My Delight and Thy Delight led me soon to another called Awake, My Heart, which I abbreviated for line #2 of my Haiku. I want to thank my friend Tumblewords . . . all day long I turned words over in my mind until I found the perfect starting word: Tumbling!


Roger Owen Green said...

very sweet.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Emmanuel Ibok said...

Beautiful Haiku...I admire those who write them...I've only managed one.

Nicely done.


vivinfrance said...

Bravo for a lovely haiku.

Harshika said...

nice post :)

Tumblewords: said...

Too cool! And thanks for the link - tumbling is a good thing! :)

Jingle said...

love the image!

Jingle said...


please help pay a visit to riika and leo today to wish them well..
Thanks a ton.
u rock!
Happy Monday!
hope to See you at potluck today.

Jingle said...

I invite you to attend Thursday Poets Rally week 31
let me know when you are ready.
Thanks a lot.