Oct 21, 2010

effect, immense, shimmer

Image: moyan at DeviantArt.com
Immense the unseen
effect of Attraction's
shimmering quiver.

Written for Three Word Wednesday and the keywords effect, immense, shimmer.


ThomG said...

I certainly hear that. Great haiku.

Amity said...

Tis well said Christine!

Very nice 'ku'!

Sumit Sarkar said...

Nice haiku and the pic is beautiful... :)

jaerose said...

The words and image fit perfectly right down to the shimmering quiver..thanks for your visit..Jae

Julie Jordan Scott said...

indeed!! love this!

my 3ww

Jingle said...

lovely done.

pia said...

beautiful imagery!

Bloggin'withAmanda said...

very nice, love the pic also, I've not done three words Wednesday but you make it look fun!