May 19, 2011

Cuckoo Workoo

On his blog, Eric Alder throws some amazing haiku tantrums called Haiku Koo-Koo. Yesterday I decided to quickly crank out my own batch--all related to the workday--as I passive-aggressively waited out quitting time. Fun to blow off steam and share with Jingle's Poetry Rally! Rally on and enjoy...especially if you are reading these on the clock ;-)

His Hotmails go
straight to work email's junk:
Right where they belong.

I'll never wear this
bra with this t-shirt again:
Sweatercoat rescue.

New York bosses want
everything yesterday:
They squeeze us, bleed us.

IM spells danger:
Could've been fired for the
naughty things I did.

Someone lunched on fish
then polluted the garbage:
Stinky reminder.

I wonder how my
fantasy baseball's going?
Time to take a look.

If I just made more
money I could afford to
leave this quiet death.


Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

Great stuff, Christine!

I love these work-inspired gems.

(Imagine my surprise when I saw my name and blog mentioned here! I almost feel famous or something!)

Raivenne said...

I love this!! Regrettably, it describes much of my day precisely!

bendedspoon said...

ahaha! I enjoyed your haiku! Yup they want it yesterday but they're out when we submitted it. lol :)

Christine said...

Great to hear from you both! Back from a meeting now and couldn't wait to see if I'd gotten responses :-)

Ken said...

Well done! I can feel the time ticking sloooowly by. ;o)
It reminds me of something I wrote a while back:
Tickety, clickety, tickety, tock,
Avoiding the numbers,
But watching the clock,
Making myself look up at the sky,
Whilst down below one more day crawls slowly by.

Christine said...

Great poem, Ken! Thanks for sharing that! :-)

Isabel said...

describes the longing to get out of work very well and very relatable too.

thingy said...

Excellent haikus! Funny.

beccagivens said...

Very clever!! I remembered when I worked - how time either passed by sooooo slowly or I needed 3+ of me(s) to get it all done ... either way is was a slow death!! Now I am divinely liberated!!! Ahhhh!! :D

poetpost said...

Typical workday for some of my friends, but you make it interesting even in its boredom. Cute haikus.


JL Dodge said...

These are funny !!
thanks for the smiles !
Happy Rally !

funnygirllola said...

ha ha ha those were great thank you

Alcina said...

Superbly done haikus


trisha said...

fantastic haikus. loved all of them. they are very witty and perfect for present age.

lynnaima said...

these were too funny! )
enjoy the rally!

shoelessboywonder said...

Wonderful. I have worked in an office building myself and it slowly sucks your soul away unlike fast food which eats it all at once. But hey you did good here I like the line about the fish the best that was hiliarous. It was a pleasure to meet you and look forward to your posts in the future.

Jingle said...

Glad to see you in the rally.

beautiful composition.
have fun.

Jingle said...

Glad to see you in the rally.

beautiful composition.
have fun.

mindlovemisery said...

Very clever =)

mairmusic said...

Ha ha! Funny comments to lighten the work day (:

Lena said...

heh heh.....we need more of this kind of haiku..! Hope you add more soon!

dsnake1 said...

you make work look so fun! :)

Ina said...

Work can be so inspiring... :) Great!

mrblaque78 said...

Work is always that interesting, we sometimes ignore what in front of us. nice :)

Vinod Narayan said...

very current! and relevant and perfumed with honesty :)

blackswanpoetry said...

nice job very real...

rpimotion said...

Reality hits
Like a truck on a red car
Haiku real and smooth

-RPIMotion Author

rpimotion said...

"Reality hits ME"


pandamoniumcat said...

Very good, I guess the regular grind feels like a quiet death...Good poem!