Aug 21, 2010

Interesting Challenge: Big Tent Poetry

Wordle: Big-Tent-Poetry-Wordle-3

Earlier today, I came across this challenge on a poetry prompt site. The goal: write a poem using as many (or any!) of the words featured in this Wordle.

I wrote four haiku! Since only two entries are allowed, I have to cull. The first one uses eight words of the 13 provided--tough in a haiku! The second uses six. Enjoy~

Old car’s fluid streams
From baked, dry, blown summer hose:
Too many zeroes.

My share of zeroes;
Overbaked and blown, old streams
Dry to my silk hose.


Leo said...

i like that first one a lot :D beautiful haikus both..


Tumblewords: said...

These are nicely done - vivid and thoughtful!

ibrewhaiku said...

Thank you both for your comments! I look forward to writing and reading more poetry in the community! :-)