Sep 15, 2010

Blueberry Waffles

Image: yoanna92 at

Blueberry waffles
Then for lunch, chicken tacos . . .
Tonight, a picnic!

Written for Sensational Haiku Wednesday's prompt "food." This little piece came to me as I finished readying dinner!


Jenn @ Youknow...that Blog? said...

Yummmmm!! Now I'm hungry! Well done :)

Bloggin'withAmanda said...

Wow girl you know how to eat, I am coming to your house!

Bing (PinkLady) said...

yummy treats for breakfast, lunch and dinner... i am drooling here!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Variations on a theme inspired by you:

No more waffling now!
Make up your mind to ingest
the good things in life!

No more waffling now!
Make up your mind to ingest
only life’s good things.

At the Table

magiceye said...

yummy ....!

Nanka said...

Love Blueberries, it will be a party for me.

Jingle said...

you make my mouth watery.

frayedges said...

Oh yum! And the photo is delish!

Victoria said...

Blueberries...gotta make those waffles healthy, right?

Jingle Poetry said...

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Jingle said...

award reminder,
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